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We Are The Change Makers

ABIC is a Pakistan-based company comprising an imaginative group of business specialists, tech experts and financial analysts, empowering businesses through innovative products and services.

The developing corporate landscape has rendered conventional outsourcing models obsolete. In this scenario, ABIC brings real innovation. We have built a new vertical through our unique software solutions, driving growth and addressing the needs of the new business era.

Innovation Backed By Experience

ABIC has been in the BPO industry for over two decades. We have been trailblazers in areas as diverse as retail, medical billing and hospitality. The journey ahead is what excites us and that is why we have cutting edge software solutions in development constantly. We know how to find the right technological fit for your company to help it scale and grow no matter the variables.


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Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

A solid foundation of innovation, decades in the making. ABIC has what it takes to build you a strong scaffolding that your business can grow on.

Domain Expertise

Experienced and adaptable, our team has taken the hard knocks and built and rebuilt. That is why we provide you insights into growth that actually work.

Ensured Service Levels

No one does it like we do, because they understand that business process outsourcing is more than just a support function. It is an extension of the strategic goals of the business.

Pioneers in the Industry

There is potential in every opportunity and a challenge in every setback. This attitude has made us thrive in this ever changing industry for decades. Consistency is key and we create that for you.

Leadership Team

Our success is fueled by our passionate leadership and the dedication of our talented teams. Meet the stars who make it all work together.

Shafqat Ali Banani

Chief Of Staff

Danish Ahsen

VP Business & Strategy

Taha Hasan

VP Finance

Fareed Iqbal

Director IT

Wasif Ali

Sr. Program Manager

Raheel Pervaiz

Director Operations

Syed Ashraf Chowdhury

Sr. Data Analyst

Fahad Ansari

HOD Accounts & Finance

Azer Hafeez

Manager HR

Samson Victor

Project Manager

Muhammad Sohaib

Project Manager

Umair Abdul Samad

Sr. Team Lead - Software Division

Humayun Aamir

Manager Client Support - Communications

Shahairyar Farooqui

Manager Client Support - Analytics

Muhammad Zeeshan

Manager Client Support - Analytics

Arsalan Yaqoob

Manager Client Support - Analytics

Jamal Tariq

Manager Finance

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Camaraderie and Collaboration Is At The Heart Of Daily Life Here At ABIC

Pioneering Experts

Ideation and execution, every step is helmed by industry leaders and thinkers. We advance the tech discourse

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